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Oberstown Children Detention Campus has welcomed the findings of a 2022 inspection by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA).

The inspection, conducted during the period 8th to 14th November 2022, found that there was either compliance or substantial compliance across all standards inspected.

HIQA inspectors spoke with young people, staff and management at Oberstown throughout the inspection period and observed daily life and practices on campus.

In the inspection report, HIQA noted that the service at Oberstown is “well-led and managed by a highly motivated senior management team” and led by a Director who is “experienced and well established and provides good leadership and direction.”

Young people interviewed as part of the inspection said that they felt relaxed when interacting with staff members and the inspectors observed that staff engagement with young people was “warm and encouraging”. Feedback from the parents, guardians and external professionals working with young people at Oberstown was also highly positive.

The report noted that young people were supported to both address their offending behaviour and develop positive behaviour through interactions with staff, key working discussions and participation in targeted programmes and activities.

The report went on to say that young people received good quality care that promoted their development, wellbeing and potential as evidenced by a holistic, collaborative and rights-based approach to their care.

Damien Hernon, Director of Oberstown Children Detention Campus, said: “We are pleased with the latest report from HIQA which underlines the sustained positive progress Oberstown has made over the course of the past number of years.

“This report contains positive commentary from the young people on campus about their experience here and our staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure this is the case.

“Many of the young people in our care come from challenging backgrounds and our unique and personalised care model takes into account the factors young people face and is centred on their care, education and health needs. The HIQA report notes our partnership and multidisciplinary approach to ensuring the right skills and expertise are in place to work with young people, their families and guardians to plan a successful return to their communities.”

Professor Ursula Kilkelly, Chairperson of the Oberstown Board of Management, said: “On behalf of the Board of Management I would like to acknowledge the commitment of management and staff at Oberstown who, as evidenced by this report, have created a culture and an environment in which the young people in our care feel supported and encouraged to develop, learn and achieve.

“At Oberstown, staff and management work tirelessly to ensure that young people are aware of their rights, are involved in decision making at all levels and have a right to complain and have those complaints addressed. The report articulates how young people felt their voices were heard at every level.”

The HIQA inspection report is available here.