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The Oberstown Annual Report 2021 is a comprehensive account of the implementation during 2021 of national law and policy as well as Oberstown strategy. It outlines key developments, including the appointment of a new Director and the implementation of the Oberstown Children’s Rights Policy Framework.

Highlights across 2021 include:

  • Enhanced offending behaviour programmes were provided, with increased range and frequency of programmes to address young people’s individually assessed needs.
  • Improved skills training served to improve young people’s employment prospects. In 2021, 12 young people qualified as fitness instructors whilst newly qualified Baristas in Oberstown were supported to develop their skills by Java Republic.
  • Significant advances were made in the participation of young people in decision-making, including the involvement of young people in the recruitment of the Director and Deputy Director roles.
  • 13 young people were awarded Gaisce awards – 1 silver and 12 bronze – representing months and, in some cases, years of commitment, hard work and skills and personal development.
  • The annual HIQA inspection undertook a comprehensive inspection of all aspects of the service using an approach based on the Oberstown’s Children’s Rights Policy Framework identifying both positive progress and some continued areas for improvement.
  • The Board continued to improve governance and oversight in line with the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies, including an independent Board evaluation.
  • Consultation across internal and external stakeholders was used to develop the new Oberstown Strategy 2022-2026.

Read the full report here.