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Oberstown has acheived an international standard for health and safety at work.

By implementing ISO 45001, the Oberstown safety team now has a framework to manage the environment and the systems required on Campus, enabling them to demonstrate compliance with health and safety law.

Deputy Director with responsibility for risk, Greg Flanagan, said: “Great credit goes to the health & safety team for achieving this certification. This is very unusual for the public service and is a good news story that ensures Oberstown’s safety and security into the future.”

In practical terms, ISO 45001 means that Oberstown has:

  • an effective management system to ensure a safe working environment.
  • a safety statement fit for purpose, ongoing risk assessments, & documents such as a risk register, document register and procedures.
  • an effective way to manage events on Campus for example, young people taking part on training programmes and monitoring of incidents.
  • a way to monitor security, for example the management of equipment, doors, gates etc.
  • emergency response plans, legal compliance and effective audit plans across Campus.