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A youth-friendly information booklet for young people produced by Oberstown has been warmly welcomed by the Oberstown Board of Management, staff on the ground –and indeed young people themselves. With young people’s views sprinkled throughout, the booklet gives an overview of daily life on the Campus, and outlines young people’s rights and the way in which they will be cared for.

The booklet was produced with the assistance of EPIC, who consulted with young people for the publication. EPIC consulted with 14 young people over two weeks, and found participants to be highly engaged and passionate on the subject matter. EPIC Advocacy Officer Edel Weldon said it was great to see the voices of the young people throughout the booklet,adding that the publication was very true to what young people had said during consultation. “Right up front young people can see the care and safety element – these are the things they told us was most important to know upon arrival in Oberstown. Young people don’t know what to expect when they come here,” she continued. “So to be reassured that they will be kept safe, will get meals and can contact family is very important.”

EPIC extended thanks to everyone in Oberstown – from managers to care staff, to catering, to the school, for making the consultation process so smooth and accessible. “Staff were very supportive of the process and encouraged young people to take part. We saw overwhelmingly positive relationships between staff and young people. Young people really know that staff are there to care for them, and have best interests at heart,” advocacy officer Fiona Murray said.

Director of Oberstown Pat Bergin said the booklet would provide a level of comfort to young people arriving on Campus as it helps to break down some of the misconceptions about coming to Oberstown.