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The Department of Education carried out an inspection of the Oberstown Campus school in December 2017. The inspection report, published in February 2017, found that the quality of the students’ work in Art, Craft and Design and in Woodwork was of a high standard. It also found that teachers have high expectations of students and regularly challenge them to greater effort and achievement. The report found that student innovation and creativity was promoted and achievements celebrated.

Overall findings were:

  • In general, the quality of students’ learning is very good; however, there is scope to review overall timetabling to ensure that a breath and balance across curricular areas is consistently provided.
  • The overall quality of teaching observed was very good; teachers have high expectations of students and challenge them to greater effort.
  •  In response to teacher questionnaires, the teachers raised concerns regarding the levels of educational background information received on students when they join the school.
  • The management of the school is characterised by very good practice.
  • Initial progress has been made in the development of individual education plans for students.
  • The school is not currently engaging in the school self-evaluation process but has formulated a school development plan in conjunction with its local education and training board.

The report also noted that the quality of support for students is commendable. “Students are supported with care and sensitivity and an ethos of respectful teacher-student interactions is in evidence,” the report stated.