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An article in the Irish Times of January 23 delved into Le Cheile’s mentoring programme for young offenders and their parents. The article highlights how difficult it is for the parents and families of young offenders, and how a unique volunteer service works to support them through very challenging times.

As well as offering services in the community, Le Cheile offers mentoring to parents or carers of children in detention in Oberstown.

The article quotes Le Cheile CEO Anne Conroy as saying: “That is totally innovative…We haven’t been able to find anything like that internationally, at least anything researched and written up. It’s a very exciting service to be developing.”

The article goes on to say: At Oberstown, where the approach is very much about care, support and education for young offenders, as outlined in this supplement last October, staff are keen to promote measures that can help the transition back into the community. A new team of volunteers has been recruited and trained for this work, which is expected to be done mostly in the Dublin area, and individuals are beginning to be matched with referrals.

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