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The Oberstown three-year strategic plan was launched by the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs on December 14. Minister Zappone paid tribute to the board of management and staff for their hard work and dedication, and said Oberstown was changing for the better. The Minister cited Oberstown’s Characteristics of Young People research, adding that she had an affection for young people in Oberstown as they didn’t have the best start to life. Director of Oberstown Pat Bergin said Oberstown had experienced huge change in recent years, but now it was time to move forward with a plan for the future.

The launch was very well covered in a positive way by the media. Find some of the coverage below:

The Irish Examiner carried an op-ed from Chair of the Board, Prof Ursula Kilkelly.

RTE Nine News – The launch was carried on the Nine News with a package from the event featuring Minister Zappone on the improved environment on campus.

RTE Drivetime (starts at 01:51:30) – Della Kilroy’s package from the event focused on care and participation of young people.

RTE Sean O’Rourke – Interview with Sean O’Rourke.