Offending Behaviour

Our mission is to support each young person before, during and after their attendance at court. We ensure that they are informed, prepared and supported for their attendance in court and during their placement in Oberstown.

While on placement with us, we assess each young person in terms of the reasons they have been sent to Oberstown. From this assessment, we can provide the opportunity to learn practical skills that will support their return to the community and reduce the likelihood of relapse. It is critical that we understanding each person’s needs and, equipped with that understanding, we can then deliver the appropriate intervention and care programme.

We recognise that our young people are placed at Oberstown as a consequence of their offending behaviour. We address this through the delivery of risk reduction programming. Here our emphasis is on identifying risk areas for young people and delivering specific interventions to reduce these risks. This may include alcohol or substance abuse and anti-social behaviour.

Oberstown also offers the opportunity for each young person to learn and develop pro-social skills which in turn leads to lower levels of re-offence.