In Oberstown we develop a plan for every young person. A key part of this covers their total health and well-being needs, including their physical, mental, emotional and social health. We assess them for physiological and psychological concerns at the point of arrival at Oberstown and draw up a care plan to provide the necessary care to meet the needs identified by our assessment.

Our overall emphasis in Oberstown is on health promotion. We manage health and wellbeing in a multidisciplinary way through medical, dental, psychological, psychiatric and wellbeing programmes that are in young person centred and collaborative in nature.

We have a fully equipped medical facility on campus where our young people can access medical services and support. Any specific medical and mental health need is identified as part of our initial assessment and is addressed in the context of each child’s individual care plan, which looks after any specific or unique requirement.

Health and wellbeing improvements are measured in a number of ways from raised health awareness, improved levels of health, better engagement between our young people and their own health literacy. We achieve these improvements through being aware of needs and intervening appropriately.