Victim Liaison Service

Oberstown Children Detention Campus’s Victim Liaison Service is strictly confidential.

Victim Liaison Service

The Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime) Act 2017, commenced in November 2017. The Act transposes into Irish Law, Directive 2012/29/EU. Oberstown Children Detention Campus is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities as outlined under Part 2 of the Act.

Victims of crime can voluntarily register with Oberstown using the link. A registered victim is entitled to seek information related to the release, transfer, early discharge and periods of temporary leave the offender has during the Detention Order.

A victim may nominate a representative that will be notified on their behalf, should they so wish.

For detailed information on the criminal justice system from the crime victim’s point of view, please follow this link to the Victim’s Charter or follow this link to the Victims Charter Website


To register with the Oberstown Victim Liaison Service, please click on the link below:

Register for the Victim Liaison Service >>

More information can be found in the Victim Liaison Information booklet. To access this booklet, please click on the link below:

Victim Liaison Information Booklet >>

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